Make an unforgettable gift 

There are always many occasions to make a gift, however, choosing the right one is never easy!


Here at Bites, we like to think that nothing remains in people's hearts and minds more than an experience.


For this reason, we decided to propose Gift Vouchers, dedicated to all those people who wish to gift something different, a unique experience that can remain forever in the memory of the people we love.


As part of our concept, we propose a tasting menu of 15/20 "bite-size" courses, which vary periodically according to the seasonality of the ingredients and which, if desired, can be accompanied by a selection of wines by our Sommelier and floor manager..


You can consult our current menu on the "Menu" page or contact us directly for any further information!

Seasonal Tasting Menu

€ 95.00 per person

Seasonal Tasting Menu +

wine pairing

€ 125.00 per person